Know About Inventory Management Software for Your Retail Medical store

The importance of inventory management

If you’re running your own business or even a small-sized grocery store, you should be conscious of the necessity of maintaining an up-to-date inventory of your company.

Every retail, wholesale, and distribution trade must keep an inventory database to keep track of the current operational state. Additionally, it aids in defining new business strategies that can yield huge profits to the company.

Introduction to Management Software for Inventory Management Software

In the past, people used to keep records of inventory on paper. However, managing and maintaining inventory records in the paper is not an easy task. But, these manual databases can easily become lost or be accessed by the wrong hands.

With the advancement of technology advancements, keeping track of records of inventory is now an easy job. Today, we can find various inventory management software online to help businesses effectively manage their complicated inventory databases.

Based on Wikipedia,

Inventory management software is a computer-based method of keeping track of inventory levels, including sales, orders, and delivery. It vastly used in retail and wholesale business segments to produce an order form or bill of materials and other documents related to business.

Companies employ software to manage inventory to avoid the possibility of product shortages and overstocks. It’s a tool for organizing inventory information which is typically stored in hard copy forms or spreadsheets. It is frequently connected to, and comparable to distribution software since distributors with smaller cash in inventory hold an advantage over their competition. ”

The challenges that Medicine Retail Shops face

The management of a pharmacy retail store isn’t an easy task. It requires managerial skills and a good understanding of planning to run a smooth operation for your retail pharmacy.

In addition, you must run the shop’s medicine retail so that every stock is placed in the right place. Because a pharmacy sells hundreds or thousands of medications, managing and maintaining stock is the most challenging task.

A pharmacy retail store faces many kinds of problems during the day-to-day operation. A few of them include:

The shortage of vital and lifesaving drugs in stock

In-stock for any specific medicine

Monitoring the expiry date of the medicines in the inventory

Checking the date of expiry and the cost of the medicine before selling them to customers.

Sorting Medicines that require particular attention when it comes to storage

Generating Bills

Arranging medicine in a manner that they are easily found now of need.

Maintaining a contact database that includes the vendors.


A sophisticated inventory management software is a one-stop solution for managing and maintaining the inventory database of a medical retail shop. Inventory software has many sophisticated features and tools that aid the user to record inventory information easily. It can also help simplify daily operational tasks that require other resources.

Furthermore, the most modern inventory systems are used on various software and hardware platforms, including Apple iPhone/iPad and tablets and Android smartphones. Its Smartphone accessibility feature lets users access and edit, add or edit inventory records anywhere, anytime.

Advantages of inventory software Medicine Retail Shops

Managed Stock Inventory Database

No stock Out the state of the market for vital lifesaving medications

No overstock situations

Easy tracking of the date that medicines expire in stock

Instant billing options

Generating stock and sales reports

Advanced Sorting with no issues

Database Management

SWIL Pharma solution combined with an advanced inventory management program you can use in your Pharma/Pharmacy business retail segments. The inventory software is packed with tons of modern features. For more details, go to

Everything You Need To Know About Cox Voice

While the world has changed significantly, one thing has remained constant, our need to communicate with the people around us. We are always looking for new ways to stay connected to our loved ones be it with a long email or a spontaneous social media post. Although we have adapted to many of the new mediums of communication, there is one medium that has existed for around 143 years and is still in use, mainly because it is one of the most reliable ways of staying in touch with people. Landlines were invented by Alexander Graham Bell in 1876 and they gained commercial popularity in the 1900s. To this day landlines are considered the most reliable and safest method of communication.

Cox is one of the most trusted and reliable internet, TV and phone services providers in the United States. It has over 6.5 million customers, including 3.5 million Internet subscribers and around 3.2 million digital telephone subscribers. It is the seventh-largest telephone carrier in the country making it one of the best home phone service providers. Read on to find out more about Cox home phone services and why they are considered the best:

What is Cox Voice?

Cox uses the upgraded digital fiber-optic cable network to deliver its customers high-quality home phone services with crystal clear voice and other added calling benefits. It uses IP tech to transmit phone calls over an IP-based data network that it manages by itself ensuring safe and secure communication.

Cox Voice Plans and Bundles

Cox offers different plans and bundles designed to fit the various needs and requirements of every household size. It offers stand-alone home phone services for those who only want to subscribe to Cox Voice.

Cox Voice Preferred Plan
Unlimited calling coverage nationwide and
Unlimited international calling coverage to Canada, Mexico and more
Around 20 calling features

Although, it advises its customers to bundle Cox services together in order to make the investment more worthwhile. It gives its customers the liberty to create their own customized bundles by just choosing a Cox Internet speed, and a Contour TV plan and adding both or any one of them to their Cox Voice subscription. Here’s a bundle of all Cox services just for $169.99 per month:

Cox Voice Preferred with Cox Internet Preferred & Contour Preferred
An internet connection with a download speed of up to 150 Mbps
25 terabytes monthly data
140+ channels including Food Network, ESPN, HGTV, and more
Unlimited calling coverage
20 calling features

List of Cox Voice Digital Calling Features

Calling features are the added benefits that make voice communication over a phone hassle-free. Cox Voice offers 20 popular calling features that can aid in making phone communication less troublesome.

Speed Dial: This allows you to add your 8 favorites, frequently called numbers to the speed dial. You can assign a dedicated button on your device to each number and click on that button to talk to that number
Selective Call Forwarding: Forward calls from selected numbers to a different number
Call Waiting: This feature allows you to put one caller on hold while you attend the other call.
Caller ID: Enabling this feature would allow you to see the caller’s name and number on your device
Three-Way Calling: You can have a mini-conference call by enabling this feature. Add two more callers and talk to them at the same time.
Block Anonymous Calls: You can block calls from callers whose caller ID is hidden
Block Robocalls: Block unwanted calls from telemarketers or any other computerized or pre-recorded calls.
Busy Line Redial: Redialing a number repeatedly for 30 minutes until it’s no longer busy.
Caller ID Blocking: If you want to hide your caller ID when you call others, activate this feature and it’ll appear as “private” on the other person’s device.

Wrapping Up

Cox Voice is one of the top home phone services available in the United States. It offers its customers a wide range of benefits from crystal clear audio quality to customized bundles. To find out more about different home phone service providers, head on over to BuyTVInternetPhone, and check out a wide array of home phone service plans and bundles.

7 Things That You Should Look For While Hiring Mobile App Development Company in Bangalore

The advantages of hiring a mobile app development company in Bangalore are numerous. The first and foremost advantage is cost efficacy. A mobile app development company in Bangalore can help you launch your app at a very affordable price. You will not have to invest a hefty amount on the launching of your app. Since apps are becoming a common phenomenon in today’s world, the business houses have launched apps which can help consumers do their day to day activities more conveniently.


Hiring mobile app development company in Bangalore enables you to work with technology savvy developers who understand the ins and outs of mobile app development. Professional Developers: These experienced developers from Bangalore have the necessary tools and resources required for developing an app. They have a good grasp of the mobile technologies and know how to deal with diverse app challenges ranging from user interface design to creating an advanced mobile commerce solution. You can hire them to build an app for your retail chain or a travel company.


As compared to other companies in the region, mobile app development companies in Bangalore have a flexible approach. They offer apps that are designed according to the client’s needs and specifications. The developers are made available with a lot of time to research and develop an ideal app. They can incorporate a variety of technologies and work with all the latest toolsets available in the market. Moreover they have extensive knowledge of the latest mobile technologies and mobile applications.


The customer requirement and the technicalities of different apps are taken into consideration before the launch of the app. This feature is not available in other companies. You can get in touch with professionals who will help you design and manage the various apps. The team working on your project will first evaluate the requirements of your business and then decide on the right technology that would help you create an app tailored to your customer requirement.


Unlike other companies, an app development company in Bangalore works with its clients directly. All the developers are involved in the development process and make sure that the final product provides you with an ideal solution. You need to share all the vital information with the team working on your project so that they can take proper steps to address all your customer requirements. As a result, you can easily get in touch with dedicated and experienced mobile app development experts to create a high performing and effective app.


The company you choose should be willing to provide customisation at affordable rates. The technologies used by them should be able to satisfy your business needs and budget. Moreover, they should be able to deliver new applications within a stipulated time period. A good app development services provider in Bangalore should be well versed in various technologies used in the mobile industry and should be ready to help you with a view to offering completely new innovative solutions.


A mobile app development company in Bangalore should be able to offer extensive support services. Since the concept of these applications has evolved, the support services offered have also changed. Today, you can get in touch with service providers who can handle technical as well as functional issues. Moreover, you can get in touch with service providers who can help you take suggestions and improve upon the functionality of your product. They use state of the art technologies to deliver your applications right at your doorstep. Thus, irrespective of the type of your business, the best services offered by these service providers will be there to help you in every possible way.


Reputation is everything when it comes to the domain of mobile app development in Bangalore. If the service provider has a good reputation, the chances of your success are highly increased. You should always opt for companies which are well known for delivering top-quality solutions to their clients. There are many companies in Bangalore offering professional solutions. Thus, look for reputed companies and developers who can deliver a number of functionalities in a single platform. Moreover, you should go for those developers who use latest technologies to give you the most effective and result oriented applications.